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Competence in sample extraction. Test with a sampling height of 70 m.

Within the scope of a project, MAXX had to solve the special task of realizing a sample extraction from a depth of approx. 70 m.
The sampling system had to be used for the discontinuous supply of a measuring pot with sample medium to measure diverse parameters (pH, conductivity, temperature etc.) and for event-proportional sampling.

Due to the difficult accessibility to the sampling site, submergible pumps or other high-maintenance systems could not be considered.
MAXX faced the challenge and developed a solution which enabled the required function by using a standard vacuum sampler combined with a special vacuum pressure system, MAXX exclusively designed for that purpose. Of course, the new system had to pass a practical function test first. However, an installation on the customer’s site was not possible due to the difficult accessibility and thus too much effort.

To nevertheless realize a test sample extraction from a depth of 70 m, MAXX first had to find a suitable test site. Almost ideal conditions could be found in a surface quarry nearby, also shown on the very impressive photo.

After having started the first attempt, the whole test team eagerly waited for the result. After approximately 3,5 min., a gasp of relief when the sampling chamber was filled with water. Thus the test could be passed at first go. Once again MAXX proved its competence in sampling and impressed the customer with a simple but technically very clever solution.

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