Amalgam sampler


A foreign company has contacted us to take samples containing amalgam particles. The aim is to install a device in a large dental clinic to ensure that no amalgam particles get into the waste water. Separator tanks are installed in the clinic, from which the liquid (without amalgam) is pumped out once a day. Each pumping process is to be sampled and the samples filled daily into small containers so that a separate sample is available for each working day.

Our solution

We have developed a special device that ensures the efficient collection of heavy amalgam particles in the samples to be taken and can fill them precisely into the sample bottles. In addition, we have integrated a docking system into the existing pumping line. This system not only recognises the pumping event, but also ensures safe and reliable sampling.


Our device automatically recognises every pumping event from the separator. During pumping, it takes small fractions of, for example, 25 ml and fills them into a container with a total volume of 500 ml. The device is programmed to take between 10 and 20 samples during each pumping process, depending on how full the separator is. This means that a separate sample bottle is available for each day.”

Amalgam Probenehmer