For the environment and our fellow human beings


We live up to our sustainability standards not only with our products and the results of our work, but also in the way we go about it.
We are certified as a low-emission company and are constantly endeavouring to improve our values.

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German Water Partnership

We are an active and committed member of the German Water Partnership association. This means we are part of a national network that pools its interests and information in order to jointly find new sustainable ways of dealing with water as a resource.

German Water Partnership
German Water Partnership

Photovoltaic system

We have a modern and efficient solar system on our roof.
Every year, we generate an average of 77,000 kW, which enables us to cover our own energy requirements completely autonomously and sustainably with a surplus of over 20,00 kW. Our photovoltaic system has enabled us to reduce our average CO₂ emissions by 54,000 kg per year.


Production our our spare parts at AiS GmbH and AIZ GmbH

For several years, we have outsourced a part of our production to two companies that enable people with disabilities to pursue regular gainful employment. We are very proud that part of our work enables these people to work in the general labour market.

Fertigung unserer Teile bei der AiS GmbH und AIZ gGmbH

Christmas donations

Every year at Christmas, we donate to charitable organisations in our region. Our Christmas donations are a affair of the heart, which is why we hand them over personally, whenever possible. For example, we have helped Hechingen primary school to offer a fruit day once a week, during which the pupils are provided with fresh fruit and introduced to the topic of healthy eating in class.


What we therefore do actively

Certified climate friendly

For our sustainable approach and engagement we have been honored.

Photovoltaic system

Production of our complete electricity demand through our own PV-system on our company roof.

Paperless office

We go without paper whereever possible and rely on digital processes

Sustainable packaging

Our products are packed and shipped by usind recycled materials.