Cannabis sampler

The task

The criminal investigation department, specifically the drug squad, contacted us because they were looking for cannabis plantations in the city area. The officers had the idea of detecting such plantations by analysing wastewater in the sewer system. An efficient method for this is to use automatic sampling devices that can be installed in the sewer system.

Our solution

We supplied compact, battery-operated devices that could be used directly in the sewer network. These devices were designed to be energy efficient, allowing them to operate for around a week. In addition, materials were used that come into contact with the sample and are as inert as possible to ensure reliable detection of the very small quantities of substances being sought.


The devices were installed at various points in the sewer network and then, depending on the test results, the circle was drawn ever tighter until a suspicious location was found. Unfortunately, we were not told how high the success rate was.

Cannabis Probenehmer