Suction protection for dry sewers


A major company in the chemical industry is looking to install above-ground devices for automatic sampling in the sewer network.

The challenge is that some sewers are temporarily without drainage. During these periods, when the sampling device attempts to take samples, it may only draw in air and this could be the case for extended periods of time as no water is detected in the dosing vessel.

As the formation of explosive gases is possible in these channels, drawing this gas into the device poses significant risks. It is therefore a top priority to avoid this.

Our solution

During each suction process, we use the pressure conditions in the hose to measure whether water is actually being sucked in. If this is not the case, the suction process is cancelled after a maximum of one second. In this way, we can ensure that water is actually being sucked in.

Ansaugschutz bei trockenem Kanal