Under pressure and hot


A refinery in southern Italy needs to sample a pressurised pipeline in which an oil-water mixture is transported. The pressure line is subject to a fluctuating pressure of up to 5 bar, and the liquid to be sampled reaches temperatures of up to 150°C. Sampling should be either volume- or time-dependent, with the aim being to take individual samples with a volume of 100 ml. This requires the most precise and consistent volume accuracy possible. The samples taken are to be filled into glass containers and then cooled. This is a challenging task, as the samples have to be taken under pressure, at high temperatures and then cooled.

Our solution

A double ball valve system with 100 ml volume tube and cooling coil around the volume tube.


Samples are taken from the pressurised line using a double ball valve system, which ensures that the pressurised line can never be opened unintentionally. A cooling coil around the volume tube is used to cool the sample taken to well below 50°C before the 100 ml flows into the sample container.

Unter Druck und heiß