LVSPE device for
Large Volume Solid Phase Extraction

LVSPE device for
Large Volume Solid Phase Extraction

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Device for large volume solid phase extraction LVSPE (Large Volume Solid Phase Extraction).
Battery operation 12 V/10 Ah or mains operation 230 V/50 Hz.

Your advantages

  • 12 V battery-operated or 230 V mains-operated, automated sampling device and method for simple, cost-effective and representative sampling of large quantities of water over several days
  • No time-consuming transport of large amounts of water to the laboratory
  • Vacuum system for representative sampling of water
  • 3-way switching valve for coupling the filtration and solid phase extraction cartridges
  • Filtration cartridge with glass fiber filters (<0.63 μm) to separate suspended matter
  • Solid phase extraction cartridge for filling with a sorbent or a mixture of different sorbents for broadband extraction of organic compounds with different material properties from natural and industrial water and wastewater
  • The devices can also be adapted to the respective customer-specific requirements upon request.


Large volume solid phase extraction (LVSPE)

The LVSPE is an automated high volume sampling system for the representative and cost-effective collection of water samples up to 1000 liter per sampling. The new device makes it possible to sample large volumes of water on-site by way of solid phase extraction and after separation of suspended particulate matter. The system aims to provide sample volumes that are appropriate for multiple chemical-analytical and bio-analytical purposes (e.g., target-, suspect-, or non-target screening analysis, and performing of in vitro or in vivo bioassays or effect-directed analysis). The system allows the on-site extraction of dissolved organic compounds with a broad range of physic-chemical properties from natural and industrial waters (including waste water) by using an one-step filtration and solid phase extraction procedure. LVSPE allows to get rid of tedious and costly transport, storage and manual extraction of large water volumes. Important benefits are low detection limits, the very high precision, the reduced probability of sample contamination and alteration as well as easy transport of samples. The automated, low weighed and low power consuming device is ideal
for the unattended sampling in field scale.

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